Logistics is the management of the flow of items between point of origin and point of consumption in order to meet the needs and requirements of customers. In the hospitality, retail and restaurant industries, the project based work involves FF&E and OS&E arriving from areas all over the US and abroad. Keeping track of items for these projects is critical, and missing or delayed items can affect end users and delay the opening of hotels, stores or other facilities. Audit Logistics understands that once an opening is delayed, owners lose revenue that can never be replaced. How does Audit Logistics track, monitor and manage the flow of inventory for our clients to ensure the project is done on time and on schedule?

In 2006 the company launched ALOT – Audit Logistics Online Tracking – a proprietary web-based system that focuses on project and inventory management for these time critical renovations or openings. The company employees full time software developers who continually work on improvements and enhancements to the system. The system has been continually developed over the last 11 years and covers freight, warehousing and installation. ALOT allows Audit and the client to track items from the time they leave the vendor’s dock until they arrives in the hotel, restaurant or store for consumption.

Features of ALOT include:

Customized Logins - All parties involved in a project are invited to login to our system, allowing visibility into the project for their specific areas:

  • Client: access to all active projects as well as secured budget updates and reports.
  • General Contractor: request deliveries from warehouse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Warehouse: update the inventory in ALOT upon receipt of goods, invoicing and claims.

Real Time Updates: ALOT is an online logistics management system and is always live. Updates to shipment tracking, deliveries and receiving are processed in real time with no delay.

Automated Project Expediting: Online login for vendors to update the status of their orders and as well as an expediting portal used by Audit Logistics to provide schedule updates of PO status.

Custom Reporting:

  • Project-Specific Inventory as well as nationwide inventory status for multiple locations.
  • Real time budget updates for freight and warehousing.
  • Tracking reports by purchase order or project.
  • Project Summaries containing details for entire projects, including all purchase orders.

Online Proof of Deliveries: Our clients can view all proof of delivery documents for their projects.