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Using Your Logistics Team: Small Installations
Have you ever had an instance, where your hotel renovation has wrapped up, and the general contractor has left the site, but you need the beds swapped out? Or if during the renovation all of the desk lamps had one piece that did not quite fit, and replacements would not get to the site until after the renovation? What about if you just need to replace the artwork for the whole hotel, maybe even just the seating?
New Container Regulation is Upon Us
Each year, approximately 1,700 ocean containers are lost overboard. This number has been rapidly growing due to the increased volume of shipments around the world and size of ocean vessels. In an effort to improve this negative statistic, the International Maritime Organization has implemented a new requirement to verify the weight of each container. This additional safety procedure takes effect on July 1, 2016, and it is mandatory for shippers, freight forwarders, vessel operators, and terminal operators.
Supply Chain Management: Freight vs. Warehousing
Freight capacity has been affecting the U.S. Supply Chain in recent years in terms of driver shortages, truck availability and port congestion. However, as of late we have not seen these issues arise in the news nor pictures of multiple ships anchored in the U.S ports. Instead, the attention has shifted over to its partner, warehousing. The industry is now dealing with shortages of warehousing or industrial space in the U.S., which is affecting overall supply chain costs.
Mega Containerships Now Headed to Panama - Can Your Hotel Benefit from the Change?
On June 26 the newly expanded Panama Canal will finally be open for business. This 9-year massive project will have a final price tag of $5.2 billion USD. This expansion will allow mega containerships to pass through the 102-year-old canal, doubling its cargo capacity.
Audit Logistics Opens New Office in Washington
Gig Harbor, Washington – Sept. 8, 2015 – Audit Logistics officially announces the opening of its new location this month in Gig Harbor, Washington. Corporately based in Louisville, Colorado, the company expands closer to northwestern port operations.