Audit Logistics at Home   

We believe sustainability is an important part of our organization and developed the following goals for 2017 to support our belief:

• Audit Logistics earned Silver in the 2016 Louisville Green Business program. We will continue to support our community in implementing environmentally sustainable procedures.


In 2017 the company will continue to work locally with Hope House of Colorado – a charity committed to transforming the lives of teen mothers and their children – as well as several other specific events and volunteer programs.

• Continue to support Bonfils Blood Center by hosting quarterly blood drives.

Work to reduce energy consumption through water, gas, and power bills in 1172 Century Drive Suite 245 and track progress.

• Identify and initiate opportunities in our organization to reduce paper consumption.

Rail Traffic –continue to increase use of rail carriers by 20% of 2016 numbers.


• Continual development of our recycling programs and national network of partners in the area of mattresses and box springs, television and other electronics, as well as carpet.


• Continue to route more than 95% of our transportation volume through carriers that are members of Smartway Transport and remain a Partner in the EPA backed organization –

Corporate Sustainability Statement


Audit Logistics believes the manner in which we conduct our business is just as important as the business itself.  Our firm is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, community, and the environment.  Our goal is that through our influence in the supply chain, our customers and the local communities we work in will benefit from our efforts resulting in a healthy economy and environment for future generations.


Audit Logistics business is transportation and warehousing for the hospitality industry.  To make our goals a reality, we work to find innovative means of transporting goods outside of traditional industry practices.  These practices encourage means of transportation that reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and fuel usage.  In the storage industry we work with our suppliers to highlight best practices within their facilities and educate them on cumulative sustainable initiatives that exist.

In our own community we are committed to helping the needy and offering an avenue for our employees to donate time, services, and make charitable contributions.  We also believe practical and reasonable conservation of energy, paper, and natural resources should be common practice within our office and organization.

Procurement of Sustainable Services Freight & Warehouse Management


It is the intention of Audit Logistics to procure transportation and warehouse services on behalf of our clients that support sustainable initiatives.   We understand that in some instances, the most sustainable option may not fit the needs of the project, shipment, deadline, or our client’s requirement.  It is our company policy when possible, to promote the utilization of companies that support sustainable initiatives. 

Transportation procurement when applicable for the needs of the project and client;

• Audit Logistics will work to utilize carriers that are part of the Smartway Transport initiative.  When possible, freight shipments will be routed via these carriers as a first priority.

• Audit Logistics will work to direct shipments to be transported via rail when time in the schedule allows, and when the commodity is identified as one that can be safely transported via train.

• Audit Logistics will work with manufacturers that produce their goods in Asia to identify ports that are near the final destination.  When the schedule allows, we will work to have containers    shipped to the closest port vs. the traditional model of shipping into Southern California then trucking cross country.

• Audit Logistics will work with clients when possible to have goods shipped via blanket-wrapped transportation.  This effort will not only decrease the total amount of trucks because more items can be packed in them, but also reduces the use of cardboard.

Warehouse procurement when applicable for the needs of the project and client;

• Audit Logistics will work with warehouse companies that have the ability to recycle cardboard from unpacked furniture vs. throwing into the landfill.

• Audit Logistics will qualify each warehouse they do business with to determine if the warehouse has a sustainability statement or policy.  When it is the case they do not, Audit Logistics will work with them to develop a policy and this will be kept on file and presented to clients along with the cost for handling the project.