Audit Logistics was created in March of 2002 at the request of La Quinta Hotels. This publicly traded corporation sought a firm that could manage the freight and logistics for the completion of their 300 corporately owned properties that were under renovation, and do so with all transactions 100% auditable. At this time, there were no freight management companies with a business model that allowed this transparency.

Fourteen years later, exceeding 2000 hotel projects in 20+ countries and more than 150 clients, Audit Logistics remains the only freight, warehouse, and logistics firm in the hospitality industry which operates on a business model that is 100% auditable. Audit Logistics’ approach to freight and warehouse management centers solely on our fiduciary duty to our clients, and all decisions are based on what is in our client’s best interest.

Located in Louisville, Colorado, Audit Logistics, LLC specializes in hotel or rollout type projects. The company utilizes a web-based perpetual inventory system to coordinate the receipt, storage, and delivery of furniture, fixtures, and equipment on a global scale.

Audit Logistics celebrated their 14 year anniversary in March of 2016.

Benefits from the Audit Logistics model of Transparency:

  1. All freight and warehouse transactions are completely transparent and can be audited by the client.
  2. Each project has its own general ledger and cash account. Client funding is used exclusively for client-specific projects. Funding is never commingled between clients. In addition, we have client-specific vendor accounts set up with each carrier and service provider. A problem or issue on one client’s project will never impact the performance of another.
  3. Every transaction is reviewed against the quotation for discrepancies. Price verifications on every invoice and the audit of all charges are extremely important in maintaining accurate records and ensuring client funds are managed properly.
  4. At project completion, a summary of all transactions, as well as an accounting of project costs compared to the project budget, are presented to the client in a Project Close-Out Report.

Custom reporting is also available.  We have the capability and capacity to provide financial reporting in a format and frequency that is acceptable to our clients.

We work closely with our clients to provide exceptional service. We can establish customized funding procedures to match a client's internal procedures.