Posted on June 22, 2016


Using Your Logistics Team: Small Installations


Have you ever had an instance, where your hotel renovation has wrapped up, and the general contractor has left the site, but you need the beds swapped out? Or if during the renovation all of the desk lamps had one piece that did not quite fit, and replacements would not get to the site until after the renovation? What about if you just need to replace the artwork for the whole hotel, maybe even just the seating? Installations have various forms and levels of complexity, but with smaller installations, there is no need to outsource a whole team when the installation can be done by a local team sourced and managed by a logistics company.


Audit Logistics has a dedicated installation department with experience in a variety of installation projects, including bed installation, plug-in lighting installation, seating installation, etc. With that experience, Audit has built many relationships with reliable and trustworthy installation teams.  Our team not only coordinates with the purchasing agent and manufacturer of the new product, but also coordinates with the general manager of the hotel or other onsite staff.  This coordination is critical when installing items in occupied rooms so as to limit guest disruption.