Audit Logistics offers 3rd party Warehouse Management services to various industries. Audit Logistics is a non-asset based company, and is not affiliated with any warehouse chain or brand, giving us the ability to be objective and to work with the most qualified facility near your project.

Specializing in hotel or rollout type projects, the company utilizes a web-based perpetual inventory system known as ALOT, which features web based logins for both the warehouse partner and the General Contractor. Some benefits include:

  • Pre-notifications for warehouse of what is shipping on trucks before they arrive at the facility allowing them to correctly identify, check in, and store FF&E.
  • No lag in inventory being entered – the warehouse checks items in as they arrive, directly online.
  • Consistent inventory system on every project, regardless of warehouse brand or facility.
  • 24 hour access for General Contractor to see what items are on hand, and order directly online.
  • Access to all proof of deliveries both to the warehouse and jobsite online.
  • Access to inventory across all projects with just the touch of a button.
  • Excess inventory tracking and reporting.

Our warehousing team, with over 75 years of combined experience, works diligently at the front of end of projects to anticipate any hurdles, implementing solutions before obstacles arise, ultimately reducing costs for our clients. Similar to our Freight model, Audit Logistics is completely transparent, with compensation based on a disclosed, professional fee and no markup is ever added to the cost of warehousing.